Yasmin Vizguerra, Reporter

  In recent years, social media platforms have skyrocketed in users and has connected people all through a screen, but what if it wasn’t there? What would the millions of people on these networks be doing instead?

    The trending hashtag #ifsocialdidntexist on Twitter went viral this past week with many users sharing their takes, funny or not, on what their life would be like if social media didn’t exist.

    “I didn’t have a phone for the longest time so social media was  relevant to me until now and I can tell there’s a difference in always wanting to be on my phone,” said Jeanette Franco (‘20).

    Most comments went the route of talking about mental health and how one’s mental health would be in perfect condition if it weren’t for social media’s influence on their mental health.

    One read, “where would i get my validation from?” connecting to the way few have a toxic relationship with social media, as the amount of likes they get determines how good enough they are.

     “We’d have less child suicides, more kids would play outside, people would feel less physically isolated.”

     Others also read, “people would be more interesting for themselves and not others.”

     One tweet got upwards of 200 likes that read: “People wouldn’t constantly compare themselves to guys or girls they see on their feed which is majority of the time photoshopped.”

    “There wouldn’t be so much negativity,” another read.

    Others went the funny route, saying all social media influencers wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for social media.

    “A lot of you ‘public figures’ would be irrelevant,” one read, a GIF image attached of Jay-Z sipping from a mug.

    “If we didn’t have social media, these people who got jobs from it wouldn’t have that anymore and instead have to get regular jobs,” said Sydney Wight (‘20).

     Another user said: “newspaper sales would go up again,” poking fun at how everyone gets their news from the internet or these social media networks.

     Other users, which their job is social media  whether it be through a company, said: “we’d probably be out of a job.”

     Twitter users also called out the fact that with the presence of social media networks, they are not productive at all.

     One saying, “we would have a lot more productive people…”

     Another saying, “i would be more productive with my time.”

     While one said, “I would probably still procrastinate and waste my time.” with a Spongebob GIF attached.

    One even poked fun at the president, saying: “Trump wouldn’t be president.”

    Some even went a more serious route in the way they thought the world would be without social media, describing how much no one ones know and other serious issues that are going on around the world.

    “We wouldn’t care about blah blah nobody and actually care about the Earth dying,” one read.

     Another read, “a lot of kids would be safe from paedophiles.”

     “I wouldn’t know what’s going on in the world,” another read.

     “We wouldn’t know what happened seconds after did,” one read.

      While many thought to poke fun at the hashtag, most others took their opinions seriously and spread it for others to see and to agree with if there was no such thing as social media.