Recap and Future of Theater


Natalie Abramat (19′) flying over the scene

Matthew Turn, Reporter

This year theatre had one its best years as if featured plays like Harvey, Snow Angel, and Peter Pan the Musical. For smaller theatre activities there was the Improv Anonymous which played periodically throughout the year, and the year ended off with two student-directed one acts.

For the major plays, each did well in their own respect but the best play that left people talking about it was Peter Pan. The musical had a packed crowd every show they had and left people talking.  Even though Peter Pan came out amazing, whether it was from the props to the singing or even the scenery, the main part that made it “real” was the emotional investment to the show. This can be said for every show and it is what makes each show so good.

Whenever the year starts there is a theme for the year and this year was “Is seeing believing?” For Harvey, to Peter Pan, this was played out from a magical rabbit, a mystery girl in a blizzard, to a boy coming to your window to fly to a distant land.

With a story, you need some sort of antagonist and with an interesting occurrence every “antagonist” throughout the plays were played by one person, that person was sophomore Mark Magallanes (21). “It was pretty fun to be the antagonist. I got to do stuff like slam doors, throw people off ships and fight others with swords!”  said Mark Magallanes (21).

Every part matters in a play, though you may want the lead role and it is ok to have goals, you have to consider just doing your best at the character you are chosen to be

Improv Anonymous was also very popular this year as they did a total of five shows with almost all of them having a full black box and getting everyone to laugh at one point or another. The shows were even better if you went to the ones before it as they built upon jokes that were made previously.

The team of Improv Anonymous consisted of a mix of grades from sophomores to seniors. Each show also has a theme for that specific show as most related to holidays that were close.

To wrap up the amazing year there were the one acts. Like the name suggests these shows only have one act. These smaller shows offer students a chance to direct them and put on a show in the black box.

The shows played on the same day and the black box was once again full of people. The shows were And and Lockdown. For And it talked about everything is happening at once no matter how important or unimportant. Lockdown is about how fear and a lack of information can make people do irrational things and how we have to stick together to overcome this.

Even with an amazing year, the theatre group is saddened to have Mrs. Taylor who was the director of all the plays is leaving the place of theatre teacher due to being the math head and she could not do both. However, she will still be the leader of the Improv Anonymous.

The school has already set the open position and we had one potential teacher from a different school but she sadly did not take the position.

The school continues to search but the school is certain to have one before next year to now direct the plays.

Since there is no set teacher for next year yet there is no confirmation of what the next three plays will be or what the theme will be for the plays next year.