Long Shot Movie Review

Long Shot Movie Review

Justin Trimble, reporter

Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen star in Jonathan Levine’s movie Long Shot. a romantic comedy with an unusual cast makes for a more out of the box production with Theron’s charm and Rogan’s woody banter they make the funniest couple starring in films of 2019.

In Long Shot, Theron plays secretary of state (Charlotte fields) who discovers the president is leaving the office to star in the T.V. and film industry. She then starts an environmental movement to start a campaign to run for office in 2020. Needing 100 countries to sign and take partnership with the environmental movement she needs a comedic writer to get her poll numbers in humor up. 

Rogen plays a shifty reporter (Fred Flask) who would do anything for a story. Being in between jobs and having the secretary of state as your old babysitter. There was no other job that he would rather take than working for a politician. 

Fred soon realizes that having a friendly relationship with Charlotte could result in lots of jokes and quick-witted remarks shot back and forth at each other. 

The first act seemed to be more of a comedy. Rather than having the cliche romantic comedy with lots of grief, loneliness, and isolation. 

The second act, on the other hand, held back on the jokes compared to the first act. Still giving comedy the film expresses how Fred and Charlotte’s relationship could be. Traveling the world together getting countries to take part in Charlotte’s movement. 

At one point in the second act, Fred’s speech gets tampered with and shows how he cares about his contribution to Charlotte’s movement for the environment. He sprints into the room of many world leaders and makes a fool of himself and charlotte. She then realizes that what she believes in is more important than her social status. She then proceeds throughout the movie being a firm believer in doing the right thing and not taking the easy way out.

This film was actually one of the funniest films of 2019 Seth Rogen’s mature style of comedy worked perfectly the amount of comedy vs. romanticism is outstanding overall the movie was greatly directed, performed and produced. The only problem there was when watching this movie where the transition of moods from people being angry at each other to them being in love. My overall professional rating for the movie Long Shot would be an 8 out of 10.