Things to Do in the Fall


Brynn Eubanks, Reporter

  To the autumn wind blowing in the air to the colored leaves falling from the trees. The season between the hottest and coldest weather.

      Fall is full of fun times and many experiences to explore. Fall could easily be the season with the most exciting activities filled with drama and scares but also creates a fun and calm setting. 

     To start off, the weather changes and the leaves begin to fall. That’s a sign of what’s to come, winter. So before it ends here’s a list of fun and memorable things to do in the fall.

      Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays in the fall which is known as a great opportunity to get together with a group of friends and dress up. To make this Holiday exciting people dress up as things as simple as their favorite Superhero to scary Goblins. 

     Not only would it be fun to dress up but most people enjoy going to actually trick or treat. The month is full of spooky vibes, if you’re the brave and reckless type, a night watching scary movies is the way to go. 

      If that’s not enough to fulfill the need to be spooked, then going to haunted houses and experiencing them first hand would do the job. 

      “The scariest haunted house I’ve been to was the Carnival of Carnage, on the Belvidere fairgrounds,” said Kalen Cottrell (‘21).

      Also in Rockford, not only 10 minutes away from Belvidere there are 4 different favorite haunted houses to check out.

     An American all-time fall favorite to do during the fall season is carve pumpkins. Carving pumpkins is to get more of a family/ friend experience from the fall season. Some of the best pumpkins to buy at from local pumpkin patches are located at (3178 IL-173, Caledonia, IL 61011), open Monday-Sunday 9 A.M. – 6 P.M. 

      Fall is nothing without a fresh smell of apple cider and a caramel apple to top it off. The famous apple cider donuts are made locally at the “Edwards Apple Orchard.” The apple orchard is where Belvidere North’s Cheerleading team enjoys their team bonding during this time. 

    “My favorite part about going to the apple orchard is just bonding with my team in such a free-spirited environment. Also being around my sister and my friends enjoying all of the great food,” said  Braxtyn Eubanks (‘21).

      The apple orchard is located at 7061 Centerville Rd, Poplar Grove, IL 61065, open Mon-Fri 9 A.M.-6 P.M. 


    Friday night lights start back this Friday, Aug. 30 at Guilford Highschool against Rockford East at 7 p.m. The student section will be in unison and decked out in all black. Friday football games have always been a big part of the Blue thunder family fall activities. GO THUNDER!