Is Spring the Best Season for Soccer?

Michael Paddock, Reporter

At Belvidere North High School, boys soccer has always been in the fall.  People are now debating whether soccer should begin in the spring, or stay in the fall. In my opinion, boys soccer should keep their same schedule and remain a fall sport. 

Boys soccer should stay in fall due to schedule reasons with girls soccer, both teams use the same field and it would be difficult to schedule games for both.  Teams also would have to figure a way to separate practices but have equal opportunities on the main field.

Boys travel soccer also starts in the spring, so if boys high school soccer started in the spring they would not be able to play for their travel teams.  Also, spring weather isn’t as nice and there are more game cancellations in the spring than in the fall. Since there are more cancellations it would be harder to reschedule games for both teams when they play on the same field. 

Imagine if every high school had to change their boys soccer season to the fall. This would mess with the girl’s soccer team’s schedule in addition to club teams (which is where most players receive a scholarship offer from). T 

If high school Boys Soccer had moved their season into the spring there would be a lot of work that has to be done and it will cause many mistakes. Why fix something that isn’t broke?