Woman gives birth alone in jail cell

Woman gives birth alone in jail cell

Yasmin Vizguerra, Editor

    An inmate at Denver county jail screamed in pain as she gripped the mattress she’d been given, sweating as she had been in labor for hours. 

      At 10: 44 A.M. on July 31, 2018, Diana Sanchez gave birth to her son alone in her cell without proper medical treatment despite having told the jail staff she’d been experiencing contractions. 

      A lawsuit, filed Monday, details her experience in which she was forced to endure a “horrible experience” after nurses and doctors left her alone in her cell for hours.

      “The pain was indescribable,” Sanchez told a Denver news station last year,“And what hurts more though is the fact that nobody cared.” 

      “I think that it’s absolutely ridiculous the amount of disrespect that the staff in the jail had for the pregnant inmate,” said Madeline Gierzynski (‘20).

      The suit names the city and county of denver, Denver Health Medical Center, and six individuals as defendants. 

      Sanchez was booked into the county jail on July 14, who was eight months pregnant, on charges relating to identity theft.

      Around 5 A.M. on July 31, she delivered the message that she had started to get contractions. Her message was not taken seriously.

      Sanchez would go on to tell deputies and nurses she was having contractions at least eight more times that morning. 

      “ It just doesn’t make sense on how many times she told the guards that she was experiencing contractions and they were in no hurry to help at all, it’s just flat out cruel,” said Jada Garza (20)

      According to the suit, a nurse had made arrangements for a van to transport Sanchez to the hospital, but didn’t know that she couldn’t until all inmates had been booked in.

      Sanchez was given an absorbent pad which she then placed on her mattress and this was seen through the surveillance footage of her cell.

      Less than an hour later after Sanchez’s water broke, she started screaming for help. A deputy came and found the pad soaked through completely and informed a nurse who then said she was scheduled to go to the hospital and thus didn’t need medical treatment.

      At 10:42 A.M., video footage showed Sanchez with her pants around her knees, screaming as she struggles to get them off. The door to her cell opened, but no one entered.

      Within seconds, a baby tumbles out onto the bed and only then does a man wearing a surgical mask enter her cell as if he had been waiting outside her cell.

      The baby was transported after another 30 minutes to the hospital.

      Though Sanchez’s son is fine, Sanchez herself remains suffering from the trauma she endured.