Come to Club-O-Rama

Come to Club-O-Rama

Lily Bakulski, News Editor

On Friday, September 13, Club-O-Rama will be held in the cafeteria during all lunch periods. This is a great opportunity for students to learn all about the different clubs that Belvidere North offers. Students can also sign up to be a part of these clubs if they meet the requirements. Some clubs have requirements in order to be a member for that club. Here are the clubs that will have a booth in the cafeteria during all lunch periods:


Newspaper: John Paddock       DECA: Young

Yearbook: John Paddock           Gamers: Chennell

Student Council: Bloome           Guitar Rock: Chennell

Thespians: Taylor                          W-Club: Yunk

Ultimate Frisbee: Torbert         Art Club: Yunk

Scribe: Marinaro                          Ski/Snowboard: Oldani

Anime: Lawver                               Chorus: Vermillion

Spanish: Lawver                            Key Club: Foster

GSA: Lawver                                    Blue Tube: Vermillion

Science Olympiad: Hain            Debate: Kroepel

Scholastic Bowl: Stites               History Club: Mr. Geraci

Z-Club: Klein and Rathbun