NFL Preseason 2019


Holden Paddock

The 2019 football preseason was five weeks long and it allowed fans to experience game day atmosphere in an NFL stadium at a reduced price. NFL starters get limited minutes in preseason to stay healthy for the regular season. The NFL’s six-month off season ended on Thursday, Aug. 1 when the Atlanta Falcons and the Denver Broncos met in Tom Benson stadium in Canton, Ohio, for the annual Hall of Fame Game.The class of 2019 enshrinement ceremony followed two days later. While the Falcons and Broncos played five preseason games, the other 30 teams play four each, while the final games wrapping up Aug. 29.

Although the preseason isn’t as big of a deal as the regular season it is still taken very seriously and everyone plays their hardest to guarantee a spot on the team and impress the coaches. There is no real champ in preseason but there were three teams that went 4-0 the Giants, Bills, and Ravens. This doesn’t mean they are a top team going in to regular season but its still impressive to go undefeated.

There were many rookies this preseason that showed they belonged in the league. Such as the Ravens new rookie running back Justice Hill, who showed sharp jump cuts, elusiveness in the open field, and a nose for the end zone at the goaline. Another rookie that stood out is the physical 6-foot-2 Lonnie Johnson that plays cornerback for the Texans, he had a great preseason locking up the opposing team’s best receiver. Last but not least Tampa Bay Buccaneers first round pick Devin White he had such a good preseason they are saying he is going to be one of the most feared inside linebackers in the league. Teams have a choice whether or not to play their starters in the preseason. It’s good to get the experience with your team but you also run the risk of getting injured.

The Chicago Bears looked a little shaky week one regular season and the argument is that he should have played more in preseason so he would have been more prepared. It was a good 2019 off season and preseason and everyone is ready for the regular season to begin.