NFL Week 2

NFL Week 2

Andre Brown, Reporter

Week two of the NFL had some major upsets and injuries that will make an impact as the season progresses. The Saints lost their starting quarterback, Drew Brees, for six weeks and will need surgery on his right throwing hand because he tore a ligament in his hand. The Jets don’t have their starting quarterback due to mono and could miss three weeks of football. Ben Roethlisberger suffered a right elbow injury during the game against Seattle and is out for the whole year. These were some key players who got hurt in week two. 

Thursday night opened up with Carolina against Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay won  20-14. Tampa Bay is 1-1 and Carolina is 0-2 going into week three.

Patriots remained the team to beat and put up forty three points against the Miami Dolphins. The lowest scoring game during week two was the Bears against Broncos. The Bears kicker, Eddie Pineiro, ended up winning the game for them with a fifty three yard field goal with no time left on the clock. 

Patrick Mahomes has already thrown 821 yards. Rookie Kyler Murray, starting his first season in the NFL has already thrown for 657  yards after week two. Leading in the rushing is Davlin Cook, the Vikings running back, he has 256 yards after week two. Leading for the wide receivers after week two is much a surprise is John Ross. It’s his third year in the league and right now  he is leading all receivers with 270 yards. 

Week two of the NFL only created more excitement going into week three. The game of the week is going to be the Baltimore Ravens against Kansas City. Both teams have explosive quarterbacks who can both throw and run. TGhis matchup to watch is Lamar Jackson against Patrick Mahomes. Both teams are 2-0  so tune in and see which team comes away victorious.