Top 5 Homecoming Dance Moves / Dances

Top 5 Homecoming Dance Moves / Dances

Andre Brown, Reporter

Homecoming is this Saturday, Sept. 28, for Belvidere North High School. For the past few years, there has been a lot of new dance moves and many different ways couples and groups can dance at homecoming. The past few years students have been crossing the line with some of their dance moves and the North administration has tried to put a stop to “grinding.” They want each student to have at least two feet of space between each other. In order for North to learn some appropriate dance moves, we are bringing back some of the old moves and making this year’s homecoming exciting and with a new vibe. 

Some may ask themselves what kind of dancing should they do or how if they even know how to dance. These are the top five dance moves that will bring some excitement at homecoming…and keep you out of trouble. 

#1 –  Slow dancing.  ( ) Slow dancing is when someone and a partner are close to each other and the male is holding the girl by her waist and the female can either have her arms around the guys neck or she can put them on his shoulders. All students have to do is sway back and forth on beat with the slow song laughing and talking in a beautiful moment. 

#2 –  Teach Me How To  Dougie ( kCR Y8  )  A very popular dance even today. It has its own song and dance so everyone can have a blast doing it.

#3 – The  Woah ( ) This is a newer dance and has been on famous apps like Tik Tok that literally everyone is dancing to. It’s a very easy dance move but it can get people hyped and excited about dancing. That dance really gets going when there is a group and they all dance and hit it on beat. 

#4 –  The Macarena ( ) This is an oldie but goodie. That dance has it’s own song too and is a very fun dance to do with friends. Once you hear the song, it’s very hard not to actually want to do the dance with it. This is also another dance you can do in a group too. 

#5 –  The Running Man ( )( )This is  a fun dance with an old school and a new version of the dance. The newer version hit the internet and very famous people were caught doing the dance and it went viral. Not many people do the dance today but everyone knows how to do it because as soon as that song plays and everyone knows this dance move. 

Homecoming is this Saturday and at the end of the day it’s a day that friends and classmates want to remember and have a good, fun time. Remember to keep all dances PG-13 and make memories.