A Look Back at Homecoming Week


Anne Rutherford , Reporter

From girls playing football, to designer pajamas, to grinding on the dance floor, homecoming week has finally come to an end. Students came away from it with happy memories with their friends, and the joy of participating in the entertainments. The week of September 23 – 28 was jam packed with student-led activities that gradually built up the excitement to the two main annual events of the week: The Homecoming dance and football game. 


Where did the word homecoming come from? It got its start on college campuses as a fall celebration for the first football game. Though there is some debate over which school began the tradition, the University of Missouri claims to have invented homecoming in 1911. It began when the school director invited the alumni back to the annual game. Other schools argue that they began the tradition, such as Baylor University, and the University of Illinois. 


Regardless of the origins, homecoming spread throughout the country and has become a signature school event. 


As tradition, each day is given a theme in which students dress up. At the end of the week, the class with the most dressed up students win and received the spirit award. 


To start off the week, the theme on Monday was pajama day! There’s nothing better and more relaxing than rolling out of bed and not having to worry about what to wear. However It’s highly doubtful that girls wake up with their hair and makeup perfectly done. 


Possibly the most important theme for seniors, Toga Tuesday! A distinctive garment worn by the ancient Romans, was said to reflect a citizens rank in the hierarchy. Therefore it’s only fitting for the seniors to receive this honor, though It’s a rare and bizarre sight to see school corridors filled with students wearing their bedsheets. 


Princes, Princesses, fairy godmothers and magic. The theme on Wednesday was Disney. Nostalgia swirling through the air, students dressed up as their favorite childhood characters.


Bell Bottoms, yoga pants, the Rachel hair, and mullets, the theme on Thursday was none other than decades! One would have thought that mullets would be a thing in the past, but at Belvidere North, it still appears to be in fashion. 


Thursday also held one of the biggest events of the week: The Powder Puff game. The seniors emerged victorious for the 4th year in a row, beating the juniors 14-12. Their fellow victors were sophomores, who beat the freshman. 


Last but certainly not least, Friday was dedicated to school spirit. Sporting the colors of navy blue, scarlet and gold, Belvidere North students remind us again what school spirit is all about. 


This was also the day the prep rally. The Belvidere North cheerleading team, poms, band, and color guard gave spectacular and unique performances. Following that, students and teachers formed their own teams and competed in friendly games. The teacher team came out on top with the seniors following closely behind them. The freshman coming in third, leaving the sophomores in last place. Next was the announcements for which class won the spirit award. That honor was won by the sophomores.


However the moment everyone was waiting for was to see the announcements of the Homecoming court. 


The underclassmen was awarded a homecoming court for each grade. The senior class was awarded the much anticipated title: the Homecoming King and Queen. This was awarded to Madison Diercks and Joshua Triplett. 


At 5pm on Friday, September 27, we’ve arrived at the most anticipated event of the week. The Homecoming Football game against Auburn, where the Blue Thunders beat the Auburn Knights 28-8. 


At last, we’ve come to the final event of the week, The annuel Homecoming dance. The theme was Disney, and students had a blast dancing into the night with their friends and dates. Underclassmen now look forward to another year, and seniors look back and on their four years and reflect on the lasting memories of Homecoming week.