Downton Abbey Movie Review


Olivia Frank, Reporter

 The BBC TV show Downton Abbey has become very popular over the years. Most of the fans tend to be older women. The show received a record number of Emmy nominations, the show did so well, producers decided to go further and make a movie about it.  Downton Abbey the movie has had multiple different reviews some saying the movie was bad and some good. 

Jeannette Catsoulis from the New York Times says the movie is “lacking the nutritious storylines of the past”. Whereas Joyce Slaton, a reporter from the Common sense media says the movie is “Sumptuous and lovely, this film is a fitting capper to the hugely popular series and will positively thrill long-time fans”.

The Downton Abbey movie was directed by Michael Engler and released on September 20 of 2019. The movie is positively rated by 86 percent of the public who voted and has recently become a major hit in Russia, South Korea, and the Middle East. Among fans, several members of the royal family have come out saying that they love the show. The royal family also had an enjoyable time watching how the public portrays their lifestyle. 

The movie is about the queen of England at the time and how she is on her way to a parade and at a stop in the middle of her travel she stays at Downton Abbey. The servants and family that lives and works there begin to stress out. The movie is a behind the scenes of it all. This is the last scene of Downton Abbey that Maggie Smith will be playing in the series if it does continue after the movie. The continuation of the series most likely won’t be happening because of the way the movie ends.