New Netflix Shows and Movies

New Netflix Shows and Movies

Brynn Eubanks, Reporter

 A new fall season means, all new entertainment on Netflix. From new seasons to new shows, added movies, Netflix has grown more and more over the years and has come out with many Netflix original shows and series that keep us glued to the TV. Here are some top shows to catch this fall on Netflix.


      Insatiable Season 2 is going to be released. If you love pageants and drama this is a thrill for you. 


Rhythm and Flow, a documentary on Cardi B the rapper. Want to see what goes on in the making of this star? Watch this Netflix Original!


      A laugh or two is great, especially when Gaten Matarazo is causing it. Prank Encounters is full of different pranks played on different people. 


Stranger Things. Speaking of… season 3  just came out recently, and season 4 has been  confirmed, “in the making” on September 30 by Netflix.  “This is definitely one of my favorite shows right now, so much is happening nonstop in the show,” said by Meghan Cummings(21). The spooky season of October is starting and this is the best possible time to start watching Stranger Things or starting the new season. 


      Are you ready for all scares? ”Demons. Vampires. And so many cornfields. Everything you need for a delightfully creepy night in.” 


Netflix has a category called “Netflix and Chills”. Full of different movies and shows, perfect for giving you a fright. Films and episodes are being released throughout October until the 25th, which started September’s Friday the 13th. This new Horror and Sci-Fi category, features the new season.


 “Apocalypse” on “American Horror Story”. There are 15 movies that are Netflix originals, alongside horror flicks, such as scream.


      Looking for something to blow your mind? This Sci-Fi superhero show called “Raising Dion,” is about a boy with superpowers he has just discovered, and he’s trying to control them and his mom is trying to hide them for his safety of something, but you will have to watch the show to find out.


      Some old classic movies are being added like the “Karate Kid, Good Burger, and Men in Black.”

      Another inspiring movie that is coming on Netflix is, “Pursuit of Happyness”. This came out in 2006.  Any adult or young adult should watch this and see how this story of a man and his son create a better life for themselves.


      This is going to be a great October full of scares and thrills, so get your popcorn ready because shows and movies are being released all throughout October up until Halloween.