Holden Paddock, reporter

The NFL season has started and has been action packed up to this point. There have been many close games with some “must see” highlights. The returning MVP Patrick Mahomes has been on a terror for the first four weeks throwing for 1510 yards and going 4-0. Some other NFL leaders are Christian Mccaferry who has 411 rushing yards in four games. Keenan Allen from the Chargers has 452 receiving yards and leads the NFL.

 The NFL skill players have been pulling off some crazy plays this year. The top three teams up to this point are the Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, And the San Francisco 49ers who are all undefeated. Some 3-1 teams to look out for at this point are the Chicago Bears whose defense has caused numerous amounts of turnovers up to this point. The Buffalo Bills whose offense has been looking very smooth, and the Dallas Cowboys who have Ezekiel Elliot one of the most explosive backs in the game.

There are some very important players either coming back in  week five, not playing due to injury, or just now starting to heal back up. For the Chicago Bears in Week 5 Mitchell Trubisky is out due to his dislocated left shoulder in week four. Roquan Smith who missed Week 4 due to personal issues will also be playing in Week 5. For the New England Patriots their kicker Stephen Gostkowski is on injury reserve for week five. Tyrek Hill, one of the biggest offensive threats in the whole NFL for the Kansas City Chiefs, who got injured week one is finally back to practice this week. 

Some other big news is that the Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carrol reported that he thinks their quarterback Russel Wilson has been playing the best he ever has. Some sad news is Cardinals owner Bill Bidwill passed away Wednesday at the age of 88. The 2020 season should be a good one the playoffs are going to be intense just like every year and we will see who will walk away with the Lombardi Trophy for this season.