Girls Golf Ends the Season Strong


Rachel Nelson, Editor-In-Chief

The Belvidere Girls Co-Op golf team started their season out a little rocky. They began with a tough loss to Rockford Co-Op, the score being 174-212. This was followed by a close loss to Boylan 226-220. 

After that, the girls were able to put their first win of the season under their belt defeating Rock Falls 206-214. This set off a string of wins against the Hononegah Indians and the Freeport Pretzels until they once again lost to Rockford Co-Op. 

The rest of the season’s matches were wins, however, and the team was able to finish their season 8-3 overall and 7-3 in conference. 

The conference tournament this year was held at Elliot Golf Course and was hosted by Boylan. The weather that day was not in their favor as it was gloomy, windy and cold all day long. It had rained the night before so the course was wet and conditions were not good. 

This affected some of the girls, but some were able to overcome the conditions. 

Emma Walberg (‘22) had her best round of the season shooting a 101 and placing 11th in conference. Rachel Nelson (‘20) had a good round as well shooting a 98 and placing 8th. 

The team all together did not do as well as they would have hoped and finished the day in 4th place. 

“Conference didn’t go as well as we were planning. We were hoping to place 2nd or 3rd and beat Boylan. I did not do very good, but I’m excited for the next few years,”  said Megan Redig (‘23). 

Regionals was hosted by the Harlem Huskies at Atwood this year. The conditions were better that day and a couple of girls were able to advance to sectionals. 

Nelson and Coe Walberg each shot a 94 to advance to sectionals on Columbus day. 

At sectionals, neither of the girls did well. The course, Mount Prospect golf Club, was very challenging and they were unable to shoot the scores that they were hoping. The qualifying score for state was 80, and Nelson and Walberg were each well over that. 

“It wasn’t really the way I was hoping to end my senior year, but I am happy that I was able to make it to sectionals. This was a really fun year and the team is going to have a lot of success in the next few years,” said Nelson. 

The team was very young this year, being very freshmen and sophomore heavy. They are only graduating one senior, Nelson, and they have a very solid team for next season. Hopefully, they will be able to come out next year and have a great season.