Things to do in fall/ songs


Yasmin Vizguerra, Editor

 Fall; the Midwest’s shortest season, is finally here. In Belvidere, most people enjoy taking a trip down to Edward’s Apple Orchard where many indulge in the food, pick fresh apples, and enjoy live music.

 For those who don’t quite enjoy apples, Calendonia’s Lindberg Pumpkin Patch is a place to pick a pumpkin, whether that be for carving a Jack-O-Lantern, making it into a sweet treat or just placing it out on the front porch.Lindberg Pumpkin Patch offers a seven-acre corn maze, tractor rides, a haunted shed, and a petting zoo of barnyard animals.       

The Karnival of Karnage makes a comeback every year and it’s a frightening experience. Groups of friends get chased by haunted characters through the stables of the Boone County fairgrounds.

       Hiking around Rock Cut State Park is another must-do in the fall for the sole purpose of looking at the changing colors of leaves.       

So what are some good songs to listen to on the way to these places or songs to listen to on a breezy, rainy day? If it’s a breezy, rainy day, for those who like calm singer-songwriter tunes, listening to “Cherry Wine (live)” by Hozier is the way to go. Cherry Wine is a song that emulates the fall feeling with its acoustic guitar and raw vocals. “I like the acoustic sounds of fall and I like listening to a lot of music that reminds me of smelling candles and taking walks in the evening or reading a book in fuzzy socks,” said Madeline Gierzynski (‘20).

  Listening to classic Halloween film soundtracks is not only a way to get pumped for the spooky season upon Belvidere, but it is also a way to honor the movies everyone enjoys this time of year.The soundtrack to the classic Burton “The Nightmare Before Christmas” captures the essence of Halloween, especially with the opening theme “This Is Halloween” where Jack Skellington sings the spine-chiller. It wouldn’t be the fall, Halloween prep, without Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” originally released in November of 1982.

    “I love watching horror movies and listening to the soundtrack is another way to get you scared and relive the scare of the movie,” said Yesenia Vizguerra (‘20).

      Whether it’s about listening to soft acoustic songs while apple or pumpkin picking or pumping up the spirit of Halloween, there are many songs and things to do this fall season right before it ends.