Improv Show after the PSAT


Justin Trimble, reporter

The PSATs are practice tests for the SAT that juniors take in the fall. The SAT is a very important test for all high schoolers. This is the main placement test for all colleges and is also a requirement for everyone to graduate. 

After the PSATs are done instead of making students going to class drained of all their knowledge from the test the idealist would relax so an assembly had taken place instead of these classes an assembly that students would enjoy themselves, and laugh during an improv show performed by improv anonymous and the Chicago improv productions 

With a piano, a soundboard, and people on a basketball court the entire school was in tears laughing by the end of the show the audience was very included in the second half which made it interesting to see how some people would react when faced with a task from a person from the Chicago improv productions most fell under pressure but others went on to shine in the spotlight completing the task without a sweat 

The first part of the show was a crowd warmup with the school’s own improv anonymous performing. Making skits, playing games, and having a good time on stage. 

“The best part of our performance was our last skit when we were working on pickup lines we asked for the audience to throw papers us and give each other pickup lines this really got the crowd into it and was a lot of fun,” said Cal Taylor (20)

The second part of the show was the main event where the crowd ended up on their feet. The performers from the Chicago Improv production performed they performed a lot of skits along with a lot of challenges for the audience such as; do a cartwheel. They also used the bleachers themselves as skits such as we were apartments in Queens New York. they were all for taking a nap on a binder or a student’s lap.

The final fifteen minutes of the show was a combination of the first two acts using the student improv team and the visitors from Chicago. That was a very fun time seeing how strangers react to their improv vs. how people who have known each other for years.

“It was really cool that we have gone to a few camps over the years that they have hosted and getting to know them on a personal level made it so that during our time on stage together we could have more risky skits,” said Christopher Christ. 

It’s always good to learn but when people are pushed too hard it’s good to relax and this show was a great way to do it. But it might be cheaper to just put on a movie, over a projector in the gym.