BNHS Choir


Brynn Eubanks, Reporter

 Belvidere North high school consists of more than three fantastic choirs, Acapella, Show, and Mixed. In which on October 2, they had their first choir concert.


     All members of the choir started off with the Star-Spangled Banner to show their respect for America.     


       “We have been working really hard since the beginning of the school year, we learned our first pieces of music within one month, (exactly two weeks) which some schools usually aren’t able to accomplish. And we have sent the majority of our choir to compete in the ILMEA competition,” said Kai Woodard (‘21).


      Everyone as a whole sang,”The national anthem” and “The Festive Star Spangled Banner.”With the leadership of the choir director Dr. Vermilion and everyone in the BNHS Choir incredible things are happening in a small amount of time and it just keeps getting better.


      All choirs have begun to work on their winter pieces for their Christmas concert. Choir and band are competing against each other in a mattress funding race, whoever gets the most mattresses sold, wins a pizza party funded by the sponsoring mattress company. This will be held October 19, from 10 AM to 5:30 PM in the Belvidere North cafeteria.


      For the first time in Belvidere North history, the Belvidere North high school Acapella Choir will open with the national anthem at the Veterans Day assembly. This idea came to pass after the choir had sung the Star-Spangled Banner at the varsity Volleyball game. Parents and opponents were very shocked.


      “I knew we were good, but when I saw the looks on the coaches face at the volleyball game I began to smile, because it seemed as if they thought they heard angels,” said Kai Woodard (‘21).


      On that note, many are proud of all three choirs and can’t wait to see where the road leads all of these amazing singers.