Cheap DIY Halloween Costumes

Cheap DIY Halloween Costumes

Justin Trimble, reporter

Trick or treating and costume parties are always lots of fun, but getting a costume can be hard and expensive. Halloween costumes can reach up to $80. That is why there are articles like these to show you how to make good, easy, and cheap Halloween costumes.

The most simple and easy Halloween costume is the classic ghost. A bed sheet with holes cut out for eyes still holds up to the costume standard of today. A normal bed sheet at Walmart costs $2.23. A pair of scissors costs $1.88. bringing your subtotal to just $4.11. Before-tax obviously.

The only problem with this costume is that it could drag on the ground when you walk. If you step on it it’s possible for the sheet to fall off your head. 

Another good idea if you want to be a little scarier, is a cereal killer. A regular box of cereal is just $2.50.  A knife is just $2.25. The actual retail price is $4.75. To be a cereal killer all you have to do is walk around with a cereal box and a knife and every once in awhile stab the cereal. 

There are a couple of problems with this costume. you have to carry a knife around that in itself is pretty weird. Also, a lot of people wouldn’t know what you would be.

If you don’t feel comfortable being that spooky a more inspirational costume would be a superhero. As stated before, a bed sheet at Walmart is $2.23. You could buy a red one. But then you need a mask. Face paints are only $2.97. Added together your total bill will be $5.20. 

There’s only one problem with this costume and it’s the fact that you wouldn’t be wearing any other form of costume unless you had a shirt but that’s too much money.

Another costume would be smarty pants. A black pair of pants from Walmart ore only $8.50 a bag of Smarties is $10.95  Tape is just $5.88. But this is the most expensive costume with a total value of $25.33

The only real goal for Halloween is to have fun. All these costumes can be just that… FUN. Everyone needs to be safe and have a great spooky season.