Holiday Shopping is Here!


Olivia Frank, Reporter

      As spooky season comes to an end the holiday shopping begins. The leaves have barely fallen and local stores have already geared up for the holiday season. Holiday deals and brand new children’s toys are being announced. The holiday deals that come about just before Halloween keep people spending money. The average person spends more than 1100 dollars a year on holiday shopping. Wallets will be emptied this holiday season. That’s just on gifts. Imagine how much people spend on decorations plus gifts…

      Children may not love opening presents to see clothes but people from the ages of 12-100 enjoy getting clothes for the holiday. In fact, the most gifted thing is clothing. Despite predictions of crazy amounts of online shopping, people still enjoy shopping in person. Surveys found that 66 percent of shoppers like to shop in person for the holidays rather than online. People may research gifts online but in the long run, they end up going out to go shopping instead.

      More than 75 percent of shoppers have admitted in the past years that most of the gifts they buy fro friends and family members just happen to be on sale. And even if something wasn’t on the list. If something is on sale it will most likely impact whether or not someone will buy the unnecessary gift. Meaning odds are that the gift you got wasn’t planned by either you or them in the beginning. 

      A huge part of holiday shopping is the decorations.  Retail stores have said that a majority of the time customers spend at least 200 dollars on decorations alone. It’s not that much if you consider how much a Christmas tree and strings of lights are. Then imagine how much is spent on all of the outdoor decorations.

      All in all holiday shopping is huge for retail stores and everyone is excited about this holiday season.