Buffalo Wild Wings employees fired for telling black family to move to please ‘regulars’

Buffalo Wild Wings employees fired for telling black family to move to please regulars

Sadie Cooper , Reporter

When going to a restaurant you expect a certain level of respect. That is something Mary Vahl and her party of 18  did not get at a Buffalo Wild Wings. Vahl and her party went to a Buffalo wild wings in Naperville Illinois just outside of Chicago. When they were being seated an older couple came in and were seated next to them. The couple then proceeded to ask if the staff could move the Vahl and her party because they didn’t want to sit next to them. Vahl told them that will sit where the host has seated them and not change tables. After they ordered a few things, management told Vahl’s party that they had to move tables. They refused. She wrote on facebook “ it was not ok that a person of management was willing to move six adults and twelve children versus two grown adults who are uncomfortable sitting next to black folk.” after the management made a few excuses on why they had to switch tables, Vahl and her party eventually left and went to Hooters. They were appalled by the way they were treated by the wings chain. She wrote, “ in 2019, this type of behavior should not be excepted. If you don’t want to sit next to certain people in a public restaurant that you should probably eat dinner in the comfort of your own home.” Buffalo Wild Wings has now fired the service manager and the shift manager that were working that day after investigating the incident, the company told NBC News. Vahl finished her facebook post by thanking the staff at Hooters for serving her and her party and “ not being closed-minded people that would ruin the night of others.” Buffalo wild wings have been in contact with Vahl. They have apologized for the behavior of their employees.