What Went Right in 2015


photo provided by Alida McGann

Very Proud Moment – North Girls Cross Country 2nd at State

Kayla Vittore, Reporter

     Looking back on 2015, there are many things that people can think fondly about,  especially in the lovely little town of Belvidere!  From sports to academics, Belvidere North has achievements to be proud of in the last year.


     There were success stories across several sports in 2015.  A total of 11 sports sent their teams or individual athletes to state competitions, including Girls Tennis, Boys Tennis, Girls Cross Country, Boys Cross Country, Co-Ed Cheer, Girls Bowling, Boys Bowling, Girls Wrestling, Boys Wrestling, Girls Swimming, Boys Swimming.  “It was really cool to get to state, especially with my teammates.  It made it a lot more fun.” said Max Vittore (16’).  The Engine Teams (both the Boys and Girls teams) made it to Nationals, and got to go all the way to Las Vegas.


     Another team that had reason to celebrate was the Senior Powder Puff team.  Their victory against the Junior team was their fourth consecutive win, and was an excellent way to enjoy their last Homecoming week.  The graduating year of 2016 will be historically remembered as undefeated in Powder Puff football!


     Homecoming itself was a blast last year, with a whole new take on the dance.  For the first time, the Homecoming Dance not only provided a fun venue to enjoy a night out dancing, but also fair games and fun foods like cotton candy!  That Homecoming dance had record breaking attendance and ticket sales, as well as rave reviews from the revelers.


     2015 wasn’t all fun and games though.  Academics also boosted a boon of good news.  Fourteen lucky seniors got college signings for their prowess in sports.  Also, there were a plethora of early graduates.  Not to mention the 143 individual students who got to partake in the impressive Running Start opportunities.


     In recreational academics (also known as clubs) several organizations made it to the big times.  The Science Olympiad team made it to State at University of Illinois for the first time in its history.  Journalism and Yearbook also sent several of its members to the State competition.  The school’s DECA team and the Debate team also qualified for state, “My experiences in DECA and debate were life changing. I have learned so much and met so many new, amazing people this year than I could imagine.” said Leah Hoffman (18’).  All in all, our school was well represented in the world of academics last year.


     The day to day experience of high school was equally improving throughout 2015.  Chromebooks were introduced into a majority of classrooms, and many students find them fun improvements to normal school work.  Referral rates were also down in 2015, only 15% of the student body received a referral last semester!  Most importantly, the new concept of Optional FInals was started last year.  No more mandatory semester finals!  Now teachers can choose if the test is necessary, and students don’t have to shoulder as big of a burden during finals week.
     There were many other great accomplishments at North last year that weren’t covered here, but there was just too much good to cover in one article.  Throughout the student body there are stories of conquering, excelling, and triumphing.  Hopefully we can continue these successes into the new year, and make 2016 twice as nice!