Winter Storm Delays


Rachel Nelson, Editor-In-Chief

The weather so far this year has not been very cooperative, although not all that uncommon. It all started when we first got snow on Halloween, and now we are getting freezing temperatures during the beginning of November. 

There was one day in particular where we should have had a delayed start. This past Sunday, there was a bad snow storm overnight and the roads were really icy. The plows didn’t get out until 4:30 a.m. making the roads packed down with snow and ice. The plows didn’t get out soon enough, so by the time that students were driving to school the roads weren’t as good as they should have been. And for it being the first bad snow of the year, students weren’t prepared for it. 

Driving in the snow is different than driving on packed down ice, some cars can’t handle all the ice on the road and the drivers lose control. That Monday, we should have had a late start so that the roads would have been better. 

I don’t think it is a good idea to have a bunch of idiot teenage drivers out early in the morning, probably running late for school so they are speeding, on roads where there is badly packed down ice. 

In the mornings, my mom will give me a warning that the roads are bad or that my car is iced over, but I never really listen to that. I think “She’s just being overly careful, the roads are fine and my car is fine.” And yet every morning, she is right. I know I can’t be the only teenager like this. 

Students shouldn’t be out driving to school when the roads are bad. It poses a danger to themselves and other drivers around them. There are sophomores that are just getting their licenses that don’t have a lot of experience- if any- driving in weather like that. And as a kid who just got their license, you think you are so cool if you speed or drive kinda crazy. Having them drive in this just increases the chances of them getting into an accident. 

We have the delayed start schedule, why don’t we ever use it? If buses can’t get to school on time, then we should have a delayed start.