2019 Dance Preview

Yasmin Vizguerra, Editor

 This year’s dance season at North has officially started and that means another year of fun-filled competitions and basketball games where the team dances their hearts out.

      This year also features new coaches, Alyssa Conti as the head Varsity coach, and Meaghan Lee as the JV coach.

       A total of 14 girls were accepted onto the varsity team and 10 on the JV team.

       Thus far, it’s been the smallest amount of girls that were accepted onto the teams in recent years.

       The varsity team is going a lyrical routine that is a mix between aspects of jazz, acrobatics, and modern dance techniques that still hold its posture.

       JV is performing a jazz routine to the song “Expensive” by Tori Kelly.

       Competitions are set for December 8 at Crystal Lake Central High School, 14 at Waubonsie High School, and 21 at Amos Alonzo Stagg High School. Sectionals are set for January 25.

       Competitions are an all-day event where all the teams perform in their time slot before awards at the end of the day where they receive points for technique, facials, and performance.

        Besides their regular competitions, the dance team also competes against other schools in NIC-10 at one of the schools. 

       The dance team not only competes against various high schools to see who will come on top, but they also perform at basketball games in preparation for their competitions.

       Both teams practice two or three times weekly, for either two or three hours in order to perfect the routine.

       Ella Larsen, a sophomore, is the only sophomore to be accepted into the varsity team. She’s worked on her technique such as her A La Secondes turns, a turn in dance that is defined to start with a regular pirouette that transitions into the second position with the feet and her turning discs, a jump similar to the calypso, both of which were in the try-out routine.

       “Although it’s my first year on the team, I’m excited about what we all have to offer and I hope that we win our competitions,” said Ella Larsen (‘22).

        The dance season starts in late October or early November and lasts from January to February. 

       This season is shorter than previous years, other years starting in October while this year they have started in November and the same goes for competitions and sectionals where their competitive season ends in January.

       Briana Raegan is a junior and this is her first being in varsity for both poms and dance.

       “I’m excited about this season and I’m excited to see what our coach has in store for us,” said Briana Raegan (‘21).