Should We Get School off on Veterans Day


Justin Trimble, reporter

The debate is whether or not we should have Veterans Day off of school. November 11 is Veterans Day and over the widespread of opinions on this controversial subject it comes down to how the average person would spend that day off.

“Yes, all the way. I have many family members in the military and I would love to spend it with them. I have a family that served in Vietnam, Korea, and Afghan. It is very important to thank our veterans for their service to our country because freedom is not free. This is why we should get Veterans Day off,” said an anonymous source.

This is a good argument because it shows that they would be thankful for their family and for what they had done to help our country to be where it is today. I would think back to what one of the veterans said during our school’s veterans day assembly.

“We need to be honoring our Veterans. I am a freshman in high school and where I live, nobody gets Veteran’s Day off. At all my schools, we learned about and honored the veterans that have served. It’s the right thing to do. I recently observed something on the Nickelodeon channel. They went into a commercial break, as most cartoons do. Then, they stated this message:” Enjoy your FREE day off!” It occurred to me that many children don’t even know what this day means, nor do they care when they could be sitting and playing video games, or watching Nickelodeon instead of honoring our Veterans!”

This is also a great argument because it shows that people can still honor our veterans in school but isn’t that the point of veterans day to remember and honor those who have served and lost their lives for our freedom. Just as long as we do that we can have a great Veterans Day.