Oklahoma Walmart Shooting


Sadie Cooper , Reporter

 On Monday, a gunman killed two people outside a Walmart .in Duncan, Oklahoma. Duncan is about 80 miles south of Oklahoma City.  

The couple that were killed had just been inside of Walmart. While the suspect never entered the store. The weapon of choice for the suspect was a handgun. The Duncan Police found one at the scene of the crime. During a news conference, Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford said that there were at least nine shots fired. As the officers were interviewing witnesses, investigators were trying to find a motive. They discovered that the shooter and the victims, who have not been identified, had some sort of knowledge of each other. But the police have still not told us how they knew each other. 

No one else was hurt in the shooting. Walmarts spokeswoman, LeMia Jenkins, wrote in an email to the Associated Press, “this was an isolated incident in the parking lot and was not an active shooter situation.” “no staff members were involved in the shooting and the store was not evacuated.” But public schools around the area and the Red River Technology Center in Duncan went into a locked-down briefly following the shooting. But both were given the “All Clear” within the next half hour from the police. That is all they as of right now. But hopefully, they will update us on the shooting soon.