Top 10 things people are thankful for


Yasmin Vizguerra, Editor

   Thanksgiving is the time of year where not only do people eat massive amounts of food, it’s also the time to give thanks for what you have. People have a variety of things they are thankful for but what are the top ten things people are thankful for each year? 



  • Most people would say the most obvious of being grateful for the roof over their heads and for having basic necessities to live. Their home is something they may take for granted but is something to be extremely thankful for.
  • Others may be thankful for the food that was provided to them on the day of Thanksgiving, and to be able to eat it in massive quantities with whomever they celebrate it with.

“I love Thanksgiving, especially because I get to have at least two some years and eat twice as much every time,” said Emma Johnson (‘23).

  • People may be thankful for a variety of things dealing with things along the lines of having the internet, being able to enjoy the small things in life like Netflix, books, etc.
  • Another obvious one for people is their pets. Everyone needs a cuddly friend whether that be their dog or cat to spread some love.
  • Good friends is another thing to be thankful for as without friends where would people be? 
  • A rather silly one to some to be thankful for is their air conditioning in the times where it’s needed. Most people take this for granted because it can be a given but for some, it’s a privilege to enjoy the air conditioning.
  • The opportunity to have an education is another thing most people are thankful for because it gives them the chance to explore new ideas and to advance further in their professional careers later on in life. The chance to go to school is something not many around the world can do so getting to go to school, although pretty tiresome, is something to be thankful for.
  • Working is something students are barely getting into but being able to work and to earn some money for themselves, for their families, is really fulfilling. 
  • Others may be thankful for the season of fall, full of things to do and ending the fall season with a big Thanksgiving feast. 
  • And lastly, what most people will be thankful for is their parents aside from family and friends because they’re the ones that bring Thanksgiving to life and without them, nothing they could’ve been.

        “I’m always thankful for my family and for everything they do for me,” said Briana Raegan (‘21).


       Regardless of what people are thankful for, whether it made it on this list or not, Thanksgiving is the time of year where people give thanks for the big and little things alike that they are thankful for year-round.