Gate Placed Outside of Bathroom Due to Vandalism


Anne Rutherford, Reporter

The legal definition for vandalism is the destruction or defacement of property. Vandalism in schools comes in various forms ranging from writing in books, desks and bathroom walls. The presence of vandalism at schools make the facilities look less appealing to parents and potential new students. Vandalism cost money that could be otherwise spent on improving the educational materials and out of school opportunities. Belvidere North High School has had an ongoing battle with this issue and has taken some would say, “extreme” measures to prevent further destruction. Verbal warnings were given and posters were hung to remind students of the consequences. 


“The bathroom is being blocked off due to damage that had taken place in the bathroom previously which required it to be closed,” says Assistant Principal Julie Scott. Due to issues escalating, a gate has been placed outside the boys bathroom in the 1400 area of the school. This gate restricts student access unless supervised by a staff member. 


Whether or not this will be placed in more bathrooms remain unclear at this time.