Northway Points

Northway Points

Marissa Johnson, Entertainment Editor

For a few years you couldn’t get Northway points back for suspensions of any kind, whether it be in school or out of school. During the past year a lot of changes have been made towards Northway points on certain offenses, which have now been applied or put in force for the 2019-2020 school year. Belvidere North is trying to be more lenient or more forgiving for these offences, by offering a second chance to get your Northway points back.


One Northway point is taken for each tardy a student receives, two points are deducted for each period unexcused. Two points are deducted per lunch detention, four points are deducted per each after school detention, most detentions given are lunch detentions. For the case of In-School Suspensions, 10 points are taken per day. So, if you are given a five day ISS (In-School Suspensions) you are now deducted 50 Northway points. For OSS (Out of School Suspension) you get 20 points taken per suspension day. For five or more OSS days all 100 points are taken. 


Good standing for Northway points is considered between the 70-100 range. If you have less than 70 Northway points you cannot attend school dances such as homecoming or prom, and you will not be allowed to participate in school functions such as school sporting events. So any games whether it be away or home you cannot attend.


Three points can be given back a day for on time attendance. If you lose Northway points for being late to class, no worries if you’re on time for a full week you can get all of the points you lost for being late back.


Obviously each person and their situation for losing Northway points are different, but in most cases it will almost never come down to doing community service. As stated most students earn points back by getting a failing letter grade up to a passing one or by being on time to class for a week straight.


I personally think that if you have had an OSS (Out of School Suspension) then you should not be able to gain Northway points back by simply having good attendance or good grades. If you get suspended you should not be given points back to be able to earn the privilege of going to school dances or functions back. I feel as though it makes the entire Northway point system useless. If I get a 10 day OSS (Out of School Suspension) I shouldn’t be able to have the opportunity to gain my Northway points back if I wanted to do so. Donuts are given as a reward for students with a Northway point total of 95 or higher or a full 100 points. The system in place this year is unfair towards the kids who don’t get in trouble and the kids that are on time to class everyday.