Dance Team Improves and Impresses


Yasmin Vizguerra, Editor

      With the dance season in full swing, it was a quick transition from the start of their season to their first competition.

       Their first competition took place on Sunday, December 8 at Crystal Lake Central High School.

       They performed their competition piece, a lyrical, to the song of “Sanctuary” by Wesley Arms.

       The varsity team received a score of 70.5 points in comparison to the teams they went up against. The team also received no deductions for the performance.

       Other schools in attendance were Belvidere High School, Freeport, Crystal Lake, and Hampshire.

       Their first competition is one of four their entire season. Their season this year is much shorter than previous years due to the late start.

        On Twitter, the account 8CountAudio-IL Dance, which comments about the regional dance teams at competitions, said, “Feeling that Belvidere North spent their spring, summer, and fall putting in serious work and upgrading like crazy! Smartly designed and well-executed lyrical work by this team on the rise. More than a few “OMGs” ran through my head as I watched this very solid routine!”

        “This season had gone by so fast and the first competition is always nerve-racking but this one was by far the worst just because it was a new routine and definitely something we haven’t tried before but to see how we did was good,” said Ella Larsen (‘22).

        The dance team was just a tenth of a point away from Freeport, making it a really close call with their placement.

        “I feel like it was a good competition and it felt rewarding since we’ve started this season doing something we haven’t,” said Briana Reagan (‘21).

        Their next competition will take place on Saturday, December 14 at Waubonsie High School. 

        The team will also have frequent practices over Christmas break to prepare for their last two competitions. Their second to last competition will take place on Saturday, January 21 at Almos Alanzo High School. 

       Sectionals will wrap up their season after the NIC-10 competition on January 25. 

 Since their first dance competition, Belvidere North’s dance team has gone to another competition that took place on Saturday, December 14. 

      The team performed their competition routine at Waubonsie High school.

      They were scored in the 9th rank out of the 12 schools that went to compete.

      This competition came before winter break, where they will have frequent practices to clean up their routine ahead of the NIC-10 competition.

      The team scored an overall 74, receiving no deductions for their performance.