Sadie Cooper , Reporter

     North’s Debate team is led by Mrs. Kroepel and in the past two years has made an impact on the state level.  With the graduation of Burke Cochran and Jonathan Geiske, North is looking to find a few students to fill their shoes. 

     Debate competes on monthly topics that are based on current events. This month they are debating the harms and benefits of United States offensive cyber operations. They write cases on both sides of the topic and travel and compete in tournaments all across the country.

     Next week the debate team will be traveling to Minneapolis for a tournament and then the week after winter break they are traveling to Arizona for a competition. 

     North’s Debate team practices three times a week and currently has the privilege of having Michael Milles (‘20), one of the top debaters in the state of Illinois. North’s roster also consists of Hailey Worthy (‘21), who is currently ranked fourth in the state, Cithaly Garcia (‘20), Leonel Ramirez (‘21), Violet Thorp (‘22), Sydney Kletecka (‘22), Lily Weissmann (‘23), Zoe Hart (‘23), Liam Torbert (‘21), Joey Kallal (‘23), Tom Foster (‘21), Hunter Keithley (‘21), and Kai Koslov(‘22).