Belvidere North Coed Challenge


Angelina Edson

Belvidere North competitive cheer team has been a 3 time state champ for the past three years. This cheer team has really dedicated a lot of time and effort into this sport. Each year it gets better and better, especially with new uniforms.They recently had a competition 12/20/19. It was the Co-Ed Challenge hosted by North. I asked one of the girls how they felt about the team this year and how she felt about it being her last year cheering, “I feel like this is the strongest team we’ve had but we are lacking mental toughness. We definitely need more work and are grinding pretty hard. It’s really sad about being my last year, but I’ve had such a good past few years,” said Brynn Messenger (‘20). Hard work really pays off, especially if you have a team supporting you through it all. When everyone is supporting you and pushing you to do better it really is inspiring. I asked another girl how she thinks about the team this year and how hard they worked, “This season is going a little different then we are used to. Overall we are used to being held to a high standard and on a different level and our division is catching up with habits we learned years prior. We practice 5-6 times a week and compete once on the weekends for the majority of the season and practices last 2 and a half hours. This year is kind of bittersweet cheering because we have built this tradition and legacy at north since I have been in the program that most kids in high school don’t get to experience. I’m happy with all the talent we have this year and we can for sure keep pushing for the fourth title,” said Ayanna Wallace (‘20). North’s routine is really complicated this year, there is a lot of difficult skills they have to perform in a 2 minute and 30 second time frame. North ended up placing 3rd in there varsity division at the Co-Ed Challenge. Buffalo grove placed 2nd and South Elgin placed 1st. They have a lot of work to do and for the seniors finish off the season strong and make the best of it.