Rockford Hostage Situation


Sadie Cooper , Reporter

   On Friday 3, 2020, the police responded to report that there was a robbery in process at Heritage Credit Union on E. State St. in Rockford. The suspect entered the bank and threatened the employees before taking a 39-year-old woman hostage. The standoff between the police and the suspect lasted for about seven hours. The police got the call around 2:30 in the afternoon and lasted until about 9:30 in the evening when a woman who was believed to be the hostage walked out of the bank with the suspect following right behind her. The officers on the scene got her away from him and put him into custody. The woman was taken to the local hospital.  

It was later found out that the man was Nicholas August. He was charged with armed robbery, aggravated criminal sexual assault, and aggravated unlawful restraint.

After entering the bank he demanded all employees leave but kept the woman hostage and sexually assaulted her while they were in the bank for nearly seven hours. Finally, the crisis negotiators were able to get the man to voluntarily come out of the bank. 

After the police got the man out of the bank they found out that he only had a pellet gun that resembled a real firearm. 

As the police looked further into the incident, they believe that there was no relationship between the woman and the suspect. Other than her being an employee at the bank. 

The police have not said exactly what the suspect demanded when he entered the bank or why he chose the woman he did to take hostage. The suspect was taken to Winnebago County Jail. with his bond set at $2 million and he was wanted on previous domestic battery charge and probation violation. 

The FBI Chicago Office is assisting in the ongoing investigation. And there were no other injuries that were reported.