Sunny Side


Brynn Eubanks, reporter

 As The New Year has approached, Illinois became the 11th state to legalize marijuana. Sunnyside Dispensary has just opened in Rockford. With the new business, there have been long lines spread far from the building since it opened. There was a temporary closing on January 6th made to give the staff of Sunnyside a break, but they reopened January 7th. This break gave local business owners relief. 


       Other businesses around are complaining and are concerned with codes, regulations and the parking structure for the Dispensary building. Customers are leaving trash and urinating outside of offices while waiting in line. Customers are also parking in other reserved business lots and are verbally rude when told to move. 


      Representatives of Cresco Labs, who own Sunnyside, have replied quickly to the complaints. On January 2nd, an auxiliary parking lot was put in place and a shuttle service, as well as working with Metro Enforcement, to control traffic and security. The line is now significantly smaller than it was on January 1st. 


      Nicholas Meyer, the City legal Director, sent Sunnyside a letter January 3rd. It stated they would need to cooperate with Rockford police to address the issues by hiring enough security and traffic control to allow neighboring businesses to “re-establish and maintain normal operations.” This was sent after Sunnyside hired others for security and to control traffic on the 2nd. Meyer then wrote,


     “If Sunnyside does not take affirmative steps to mitigate the detrimental impact…The city will pursue all legal and equitable remedies to preserve the public peace and abate the public nuisance created by your business.”