Blended Learning Days


Marissa Johnson, Entertainment Editor

On January 30 and April 8, All Belvidere District 100 High School students will be participating in a school-wide blended learning day. 


Many college and university classes are now a blend of in-class learning and computer-based learning, Belvidere North now offers these types of blended courses to its students. In these blended classes, students learn to complete work independently instead of going to class on some days. Meaning every other day students will either be in the cafeteria teaching themselves the current assignments they’re working on, or they will be in class being taught by a teacher. 


While students will be required to complete a day’s worth of learning, they will not be required to come to school that day to receive credit for their learning.Teachers will provide students in each of their courses with an activity on Canvas that is expected to be completed during the blended-learning day. Each course’s activity should not be expected to last longer than the amount of time students are in the class.


Students have the option of coming to school if internet access is not available to them at home. Students will not have access to their teachers; Teachers will be available on blended-learning days between 10-11am and 2-3pm to address student questions electronically. Areas supervised by hallway monitors, library staff, and blended supervisors. Nurses will assist with medical needs as they normally do.


After school practices and activities will run as normal.