Oscars 2020: Biggest Snubs


Anne Rutherford, Reporter

The 2020 Academy Award (Informally known was Oscars) were announced at 7:28 on January 13. This is the industry’s main event of the year, and the night where the films released in 2019 receive the recognition and awards of the highest distinction. The frontrunners are, “Joker” with 11 nominations, “1917”, “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”  and “The Irishman”; the latter with 10 nominations. 


As tradition, there is always a fair bit of controversy surrounding the awards season. While there is plenty to celebrate – with celebrated directors such as Martin Scorceses, Quentin Tarantino, Sam Mendez and newcomer Bong Joon Ho, who’s masterful film, “Parasite” earned South Korea it’s first ever nominations. On the flip side, there were a fair few snubs in the acting categories, as well as the nominees being overwhelmingly white, and the directing nominees overwhelmingly male. 


Here are a few of the biggest snubs from this week’s nominations. 


  1. Robert De Niro (Best Actor) 

Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman” earned 10 nominations, but it should have been 11. De Niro, who gave a subtle but brilliant performance was severely shut out by the Oscars. He is considered to be one of the finest actors with masterful performances in classic movies like “Taxi Driver”, “Raging Bull”, “Goodfellas” and “The Deer Hunter” – to name a few. 


  1. The Farewell for Best International Feature, Best Director and Best Actress

Lulu Wang is not the only female director to be snubbed in this category. The film nabbed nominations and won for every other award shows, but didn’t receive a single nomination at the Oscars. 


  1. Taron Edgerton for Best Actor 

Rocketman was lauded by critics and audiences alike. Earning a lengthy amount of nominations at the Golden Globes, the only Oscar nod it received was Best Original Song. Snubbed out of categories like Best Costume Design and Best Actor. (where Edgerton won at the Golden Globes for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical)


  1. Best actor for Eddie Murphy in Dolemite is My Name and Adam Sandler for Uncut Gems

Both actors gave the best performances of their careers. Sandler garnered a lot of momentum for his role as Howard Ratner in this crime thriller. Eddie Murphy brings in an incredibly compelling performance in this biographical comedy/drama about Randy Ray Moore. Despite receiving a nomination at the Globe, Murphy was overlooked by the Oscars. 


For a complete list of nominations, see the link below: