Possible WW3


Marissa Johnson, Entertainment Editor

We’re only a few days into 2020 and the world is burning around us. There are severe bushfires that continue to ravage parts of Australia and World War III is beginning to trend on Twitter and Google.


Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani was killed on January 3 in a US airstrike at Baghdad’s international airport. The strike was carried out at the behest of Trump, who claims that Soleimani—a top Iranian general who headed the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force—was planning to attack Americans in Iran. 


The strike was aimed at “deterring future Iranian attack plans,” per BBC. For those who don’t know, which seems to be the majority of people, the Quds Force is the most elite unit of Iran’s military branches and focuses on military operations outside of Iran. The strike came only days after protesters attacked the US Embassy in Baghdad on December 31, 2019, an action the Pentagon says was approved by Soleimani amid heightened tensions between the two countries.


In Iran, the general—who was considered the second most powerful man in the country (behind the Supreme Leader of Iran)—has been heralded as a heroic national figure by many. But both Soleimani and the Quds Force have been labelled as terrorists by the United States and held responsible for the deaths of several US personnel in the country.


So, essentially, the US killed the Iranian equivalent of Vice-President Mike Pence. In response to the killing, thousands of Iranian people took to the streets in protest and Iran has vowed “harsh retaliation” against the United States.


Since the news of Soleimani’s killing, people on the internet have pretty much not taken the issue seriously, instead posting tweets that joke about being drafted into WWIII. War, or even just regular airstrikes, isn’t just political. There are real, human repercussions to this violence—mainly, loss of life for people who are either directly involved or get caught in the crossfire.