Science Olympiad heads to regionals


Yasmin Vizguerra, Editor

  The Science Olympiad season is in full swing, the competition heating up as the season goes on. Science Olympiad is a competition where students participate in 23 science-related events including biology, chemistry, physics, and astrology. The students build or answer trivia as part of the competition.

       Top participants of the team include senior Maisy Rathbun who competes in the events forensics, geo-mapping, protein modeling, chemistry lab and write stuff. 

       Geo-mapping takes raw data and helps the person understand information that could take hours for anyone to understand.

       Protein modeling is an event specifically created for Science Olympiad by CBM. The event challenges students to explore proteins by creating a 3-D model using mini-toobers and foam-covered wire.

       LoriAnne Flaherty (‘20) is another top participant who participates in the events fossils, ornithology which is the scientific study of birds, experimental design, anatomy, and dynamic planet. Brian Flaherty(‘22) competes in the events write it/ do it, code busters, experimental design, astronomy, and dynamic planet.

      Valeria Walters (‘22) is another top participant who participates in the events sounds of music, ornithology, water quality, and anatomy. Abby Rathbun (‘22) participates in boomilever which is a structural building event, wright stuff, code busters, and astronomy. 

        Wright stuff is an event that creates aircraft models known as Indoor Freeflight aircraft.

        Students usually work with a partner with their events, practicing for the events they participate in at weekend competitions during the week.

       The team went to Palatine High School for their invitational November 23, placing 30 out of 60 teams. Their December 15 invitational, the team went to Harlem High School, placing 5 out of 24 schools.

       On January 25, the team went to Crystal Lake Central High School, placing 15 out of 41 schools at the invite. 

        While invitationals are optional for schools to participate in, regionals aren’t. The top 15 schools in the area compete at regionals. 

        “This season has been hard since we lost a lot of good seniors last year, but we’ve been doing better than I thought we would. For a smaller team, we’ve been doing really well,” said LoriAnne Flaherty (‘20).  

         February 1 was the last invitational of the season before regionals, the team placing 2 out of 3 schools.

        March is regionals at Rock Valley College, which determines if the team qualifies for state.