Scholastic Bowl


Yasmin Vizguerra, Editor

       Belvidere North’s Scholastic Bowl team are ending their competitive season strong after a long season. Scholastic Bowl is a quiz-based competition that tests players on a variety of academic subjects. 

      North’s frosh/soph team placed 2nd in the NIC-10 Tournament on January 22. 

      The JV team ended their season, finishing 12- 4 in the conference. 

      The Varsity team has yet to finish their season, hoping to go to nationals in May after their Masonic Tournament in February and regionals in March. They finished 8-8 at the end of the NIC-10 competition.

      Top performers of the JV team were Billy Sanchez, Joey Kallal, and Caitlin Bradford.

      Top performers on Varsity are Liam Torbert and Thomas Foster.

      “The North Scholastic bowl team started off pretty decent this year, but we have been gaining steam as the season progresses and we’re looking forward to the final tournaments. 

This season has been a huge improvement for me over last year and it’s been really fun. The Stateline Quizbowl Tournament, which appears on TV, especially is fun to participate in,” said Liam Torbert (‘21).

      After a series of conference competitions, the team is preparing for their bigger competitions.

      The Varsity team has had a well season, earning multiple wins.

      At the November 20 competition, the Varsity team lost 170-180 when they went against Honnegah High School.

      On December 4, Varsity earned a win when they went up against Harlem High School, the final score coming out to be 230-190. The same day they went against Freeport, winning, final score 330-50.

      At their December 11 competition, the team lost against Belvidere High School, 140-330. Against Guilford, that same day, the team won 240-150.

      The team also beat East at the Belvidere competition, 230-130.

      At the Freeport High School hosted a competition on January 8, the team went 0-3 with their losses to Honnegah 170-260, to Auburn, 100-500, and Boylan, 200-230.

      The team headed to Auburn High School tournament on Wednesday, January 29 where they competed against Harlem and Belvidere. The team won against Harlem but lost to Belvidere after an intense back-and-forth game.