Blended Learning at Belvidere North

Blended Learning at Belvidere North

Brynn Eubanks, reporter

January 30 and April 8 are “Blended Days” for Belvidere North High School. A blended school day is where students spend their day at home, while working on assigned homework for every class. Students have the opportunity to come to school and spend the day in the library or cafeteria to work on assignments. It is supposed to be only for students with no internet access at home. Breakfast and lunch are offered as well and teachers are available to help electronically through email and on Canvas from 10-11 a.m. and 2-3 p.m.

      Many colleges and University classes are now a blend of in-class learning and computer based learning. Belvidere North now offers a few different blended courses such as creative writing, anatomy and physiology and statistics.       

Students had to get their work completed by the next school day in order to be counted present for Thursday. If work was not done on time, a tardy is counted for Thursday.

 Caiden Kimerly (‘21) said,  “For the blended day today, I took advantage of sleeping in until 9:00. I started working on my first hour classes homework because I knew it would have to be done sooner. After I got most of my homework done on my chromebook, I started working on my paper homework. I had a few activities on canvas that I had to transfer the data onto paper. The last homework piece I did was my art assignment so I didn’t feel rushed when working on it. I think this blended day had a great effect on how efficient I worked. I felt that I could mostly do everything at my own pace and it helped to know that my teachers would answer questions by email if I had any. I think this a great alternative for snow days and even to have a day off like this for teachers to be able to catch up with grades and have time to collaborate with other teachers.”

       On Thursday there were about 50 students that came to school.

        Vladimir Gheorghe (‘23) said, “I was able to get my work done and hang out with my friends, but next time a better lunch would be nice.” 

      Overall from everyone that I have talked to, it was a very effective day by allowing people to work at their own pace. I think it will become more successful the more times we have blended days.