North’s ‘All State’ Band


Anne Rutherford, Reporter

Three students at North who actively play a musical instrument will be receiving a great opportunity. Student musicians in the district who made all-state are eligible to attend the ‘All-State’ event. Starting on Jan. 30 and going on until Feb. 1, the musicians will be auditioning in Peoria. After this process is complete, they are put into groups with the other highest graded students. Together they practice music pieces that will eventually be performed at a concert on Feb. 1.


The students from North are Ethan Kay (‘21), Blake LaBarge (‘21) and Logan Wooden (‘20). These three students have been working exceptionally hard since last year, not only to improve their skills, but to perfect an audition piece that they must perform for the judges. According to North’s music teacher Steven Wolfgram, the pieces are “extremely difficult and require a lot of practice.” Students will also be presented with a scale sheet that they must perform on the spot. 


At this event there will also be a college fair with representatives from universities who have great programs suited towards music. This event provides aspiring musicians with an opportunity to showcase their skills, gain experience and gain insight to a possible professional career.