Yasmin Vizguerra, Editor

       The 2019-2020 dance season was anything except uneventful. From getting new coaches, to diving into routines that haven’t typically been performed, the team conquered it all.

        The team had a new coach this year, Alyssa Conti. This was her first year of coaching.

        Although the team had no captains, the seniors, Emily Nipper, Emily Dodeler, and Savannah Theurur were recognized as “captains.” 

        The team performed their competition piece, a lyrical routine, that was set to the song “Sanctuary” by Weshly Arms. This was Belvidere’s North first time performing a lyrical piece as a part of their competition piece.

        Their basketball game performances included jazz and hip-hop pieces. The team did a hip-hop routine for their Senior Night.

        “The season went smoothly. I loved all of my dancers’ hard work, and determination to finish the season strong, and be top 5 in the conference. I’m so grateful to have had the best first season as a coach with the best girls! We are very excited for next season,” Coach Conti said.

       The team had seven competitions this year, ending the season with NIC-10 at Freeport High School and sectionals at Dekalb High School.

       “I think this season was fun even though it was definitely tough and more challenging than any other year, I’m proud we did what we did. While we still hoped to get 4th in the NIC-10, I’m glad we got what we got because it still shows how hard we worked individually and as a team,” said Ella Larsen (‘22).

        The team went to Waubonsie on December 8, receiving 74 points overall, placing 9 out of 12 schools in attendance. 

        At their Crystal Lake Central competition on December 14, the team received 70.5 points.

        The team’s highest score this season was 74 points with no deductions.

        The team went to sectionals and then to the NIC-10 competition on January 25 that took place at Freeport High School. North placed 5th in the NIC-10.