Why Parking Should be Free to All Students

Why Parking Should be Free to All Students

Jazlyn Bengtson

On March  12 and 13, District 100 started towing cars for not having a parking pass visible in students vehicles. At the beginning of every school year every student is given a hand book with rules to follow including a section on parking. It says that all students who operate a motorized vehicle must have an official school registration permit properly displayed. Students who fail to meet this criteria may have their vehicle immobilized or towed. Parking passes cost $100.00 for the first semester but second semester they drop it to $50 and can be purchased in the main office at Belvidere North High School. All students already have to pay to go to school, so why do they have to pay an extra 100 dollars just to park? Seems ridiculous to me. The school board never took it into consideration of actually towing away a students car until they found out that the majority of students didn’t have a parking pass. This is non beneficial to the people who can barely afford a car. It is tough to pay for not only parking, but if their car gets towed they would have to pay a $150 fine as well. The company that tows the cars is Denny’s Car Hauling in Belvidere Illinois and Tilford Towing in Poplar Grove.

There is a company on the other hand that parks in the back of the school called First Student, this company provides transportation for the district, and they do not have to pay for a parking pass. This goes to show that the students don’t get first pick. Once I start driving I wouldn’t want to have to pay for a parking pass so I’ve asked a couple of my classmates what their thoughts are on this topic.

“To be honest, I understand they have to upkeep the parking lot and that costs money, and driving is a privilege. So I have no problem paying for it, just maybe a little less pricey,” said Brayden Atkisson (‘22).

“I would love to park for free. Why should I have to pay for a parking spot that isn’t being occupied any other time of the day besides in school hours and team practices. I understand the money goes towards the parking lot and the pot holes but if faculty doesn’t have to which are the people who have jobs then why should the students without jobs have to pay,” said Emerson Bengtson (‘20).

I believe that not everyone grows up in the same conditions as others. For a family that can barely afford another car because they cant have their kid ride the bus home if that kid is involved in extracurricular activities such as track or theater. And as for the parents that can’t be home until late at night that’s a big problem. They already have so much to worry about. This additional expense really doesn’t do any good for those families. All the money that gets collected and goes into a fund but no one knows where all that money goes towards. Even if they used some of that money to plow the parking lots they still don’t do an efficient job, my sister and I still slip and slide in the snow that’s already on the ground that hasn’t been plowed yet. Having the students pay to park is an understatement to the school. We already have all these nice things and all that money goes in our teachers pockets.Teachers get paid to go to work everyday, students don’t really get anything. I would say that if students that get good grades and have a good attendance that they should sign up for a free parking pass their Junior and Senior year. This should be a reward for the students who do their work everyday without hesitation.