Why High Schoolers Should Get Less Homework


Arely Sanchez


High School life is an important part of a person’s life. High School is all about learning and having fun with it all at the same time, also it is about homework. Homework is a huge part of high school and it is taking up most of the students’ home and family time. Having too much homework could affect students in many ways, like depression, stress, unhealthy eating habits, no sleep and slipping grades.

Having too much homework could cause depression, leading them not wanting to do any work at home or at school. Having depression is not a good thing when it comes to anything let alone school. It will make you feel like not the need to do anything and will make you feel not like yourself anywhere. Depression is a very serious disorder and it could cause different emotions which could lead to different actions. Could also lead to acting different around friends and family. 

Also too much could cause a lot of stress. Homework causes a lot of stress for the students because students are already having to balance their outside school life with their homework that they get everyday. Teachers should understand that students have a life outside of school and they need to understand that not every student has time to sit and do homework for hours. And if they did not have enough time to do their homework or turn it in at a specific time, they would have to get punished for it. Which would make them even more stressed having to deal with the punishment at school and the punishment at home when the parents find out. 

Another reason why students should have less homework is having unhealthy eating habits. Having too much homework could cause students to eat unhealthy food and have unbalanced eating times. Because of having too much homework, students won’t be able to eat regularly like a person should. They would eat whenever they have time to eat or whenever they feel like eating something unhealthy and could possibly just be eating snacks all day instead of having full healthy meals.

Having too much homework also causes lack of sleep. Students have a life outside of the school life and have to balance it with school life. Which probably means that most students would be doing their homework at night because they have chores, sports, and practices they have to do after school. Leaving the student to do its homework late at night. Students should be getting at least 9-9 ½  hours of sleep each night to have a well and focused day the next day.

Also having too much homework causes slipping grades. Having less homework can help balance their grades for the student. Having too much homework is very hard to keep up with because the student would most likely have homework in every class that they have. The homework could cause slipping grades and not being able to focus on the homework because they would have to focus on getting their grades up. Also with the new PBG system homework is not really counted anymore, so students would feel the need to not do their homework especially when they have a lot of homework. Having less homework more students would do their homework even if it does not count as a grade.

¨Because of PBG grading and not having all homework be accounted for our grades, I think we shouldn’t have homework then, but when it’s actually counted as a grade then it´s understandable to have homework ,¨ said Jazlyn Bengtson (´22).

Therefore, students should get less homework because of all the negative effects that could possibly happen to a student. Overall some schools give too much homework and expect too much from a student. There should be less homework for the students, so the students do not have to live a stressed and tired life.