Picking the Right Branch of Military

Picking the Right Branch of Military

Xavier Ortiz

There are many options in the military to choose from to fit who you are as a person. Research is your biggest friend when choosing a branch of military. You have to go and talk to each of the military branches and get a feel of what they are like. There are five main branches in the military: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. Many people have their preferences about each branch. The Army is a primarily land based fighting unit that is held at a higher discipline than most of the other branches. The Air Force deals with more technological equipment due to all of the complicated machines and aircraft they have.The Navy is most known for their amphibious missions and overseas work. The Marine Corps are a more aggressive and swift branch who get trained to deal with all kinds of terrains meaning they are amphibious. The Coast Guard is like the Navy but they only stay on U.S. waters. All of the branches of military are very important in their own ways. Picking a branch of the military takes patience and research. 

The Army has many options when choosing to go into this branch. There are three parts of this branch: Army active duty, Army Reserves, and National Guard. Each has a specific job to do. Army Active Duty are people who join and live on a specific base and travel to different countries when deployed. Army Reserves are backup soldiers who go to a base once a month and train. They don’t get deployed as often as Active Duty but they still have a chance for deployment. Army National Guard are soldiers who protect the state that they are living in. They help people in natural disasters, riots, etc. Different jobs in the Army have different salaries and different benefits.

The Air Force has many jobs that involve a lot of higher thinking and problem solving. They have a lot of technology involving complicated aircrafts, drones, and maintaining electronics. They accept some of the most innovative and smart people that we have to offer. The newest addition to the Air Force is the Space Force. A new branch which is going into effect in 2020 that keeps things under control outside the atmosphere and will look over electronics and data. 

The Navy is a naval and amphibious branch of the military that involves itself with warfare in oceans and other bodies of water. When deployed they are put on aircraft carriers, in submarines, and sometimes deal with ground warfare. The most famous job in the Navy is a Navy Seal. They are some of the most elite soldiers in the U.S. Military and this shows in how they train. The training for a Navy Seal is brutal and tests the human body by pushing it to the limits. Protecting the waters is as important as protecting the land.

The Marine Corps are tough, fast, and they ask questions later. They are built from the ground and made into amazing Marines. They go through some tough training to have the reputation they have. They are another amphibious branch but they are usually on land. They are taught to strike fast and strong because they are the ones who see the action of any conflict first. Marines mentally have to go through some pretty tough stuff in training. With most branches having basic training being around eight weeks, Marines go through a 13 week basic training. The jobs in the Marines are focused on artillery, intelligence, and communications to name a few. Marines are some of the toughest of the tough.

The Coast Guard is not talked about as much but is still an important branch of the military. They help protect the environment and have search and rescue missions for U.S. waters. If someone is stranded or a giant oil tanker leaks oil into the ocean, the Coast Guard will go and clean up and help. They have some of the most important jobs environment wise. Even if they aren’t seeing too much deployment, they have to be ready at all times. 

“We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us.”    ― Winston S. Churchill