Best Buddies Valentines Day Party


Valeria Herrera

On Thursday February 13, the Best Buddies Club had their annual Valentines Day Party. This is a time where students take their lunch to room 2319 and spend time with their buddies. The environment of loud music, buddies dancing, people coloring, or even socializing with one another set the mood. Best Buddies is a non-profit organization, it’s a volunteer movement that creates a one-to one friendships with people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. At Belvidere North we love to have a club that lets us help one another and lift our spirits up.  My buddy was not present the day of the party, but I did not just leave. I found someone who was alone and sat with them, making them feel fhat they have a buddy for that lunch hour. Coloring away we only talked about one thing… elevators. The night before the party I made brownies to share with all the buddies. The room was decorated in red and pink, and lights were strung across the ceiling to illuminate the dark room. There were sugar cookies made by the commercial foods class, which were delicious.

“ I think the party was cool, I had a lot of fun, and got to see new faces. I got to see two of my buddies, and they gave me candy and a stuffed animal monkey”, said Bailee Converse (‘22)

Bailee also said that she spent time with her peers. The party was a success, people had fun, smiling, laughing at one another having a good time. I can’t wait to see what the St. Patricks Day party will be like. The Best Buddies club is such a great organization and encourages anyone to join in order to help your peers feel more involved.