Off- Campus Lunches

Off- Campus Lunches

Chase Gibbs

Would letting students leave school campus be such a bad idea? I believe if given specific restrictions and guidelines giving high schoolers off-campus lunch can prove beneficial in the long run. It not only teaches teenagers and young adults to get into the flow of how a job or college would be, but also invokes responsibility and more.

Teenagers do not like to sit still for an entire school day. As somebody who has had my fair share of school I can attest to this. Sitting in classes is draining and irritable. Getting out of school and getting to stretch and get some food can re energize a student and put them in a good mood. This could benefit the school in the matter of the students will be more alert and cooperative on a full stomach. 

Not only will it benefit students and school, but it will also benefit the community. Many fast food and dine in restaurants would benefit from this change. This change allows for a boom in business and a flow of economic benefits for the community. Schools could also offer some sort of deals to businesses to transport the students to the specific restaurants for a small portion of the business they provide.

Another crucial benefit is it keeps the students from getting restless and roaming the schools. After lunch in the cafeteria students tend to get restless and roam the halls. It’s my belief that letting students leave for lunch would prevent this. Not only that but provide teachers and staff the opportunity to get things together for later classes.

 Next up,, it invokes a sense of freedom and responsibility in teens as well as parents. This would test the responsibility of young adults by giving them the option and seeing how they handle this freedom. If they do not respect it then their privileges should be revoked. I believe this will also cause parents to take action when they get notified by the school. 

Finally did you know, the 2006 school health policies and program studies showed that 73.1 percent of high schools had closed campus lunches and activities.I asked a student at north about their views on this, “well i believe the school just doesn’t trust us or think we are capable,” Joey Husselbee. This is telling our students we don’t care about what they want or their opinions. Students have not shown they could handle these responsibilities because they haven’t been given them. We are told what we can and cannot wear, told when and when not to talk, and stripped of rights when we enter a school. The least we could at least decide for ourselves is what we actually want to eat for lunch, and not just out of what the decision is an acceptable lunch.