Random Acts of Kindness Week



Brynn Eubanks, reporter

February 24 through the 28, North is celebrating random acts of kindness week with many different activities for students and staff to participate in. Random Acts of Kindness Day was February 17.


      Everyday there are going to be different themes you can participate in. Monday is powered by kindness, so come dressed as your favorite superhero. Tuesday show your craziness for kindness by wearing bright colored clothes and crazy patterns. Wednesday, show your kindness towards others, represent first responders and Military. On Thursday, show that you are passionate about kindness by wearing a shirt that shows what you are most passionate about, like a band or a sports team. To finish off the week, wear school spirit clothing on Friday!


      The art students created a Kindness Tree that is located in the cafeteria. During all three lunches students are encouraged to take heart shaped papers and write something kind or acknowledge someone kind on them, and attach them onto the Kindness Tree. Students who are mentioned on the tree will be placed into a drawing for prizes on Friday.


       In partnership with Aeropostale, there will be a jean drive for local homeless teens. Collection boxes will be in the Main office and Athletic office.


      There will also be items donated to a Drive for Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter! A collection bin  will be in the Main office. All items you can donate are, Post it notes, Tape white out pens, any size ziploc bags, Distilled water, Scrub brushes, Cat or dog toys, Paper towels, Kleenex, Copy paper, Duct tape, and News paper.


      There is going to be a Bulletin Board displayed in the 1500 Pod.”Caught being Kind” sheets will be put on the board by teachers. They will put students names who have shown an act of kindness on the board. For all students acknowledged for their kindness, will be put in a drawing for prizes which will be put in a drawing for prizes which will be announced Friday!


      Showing a “bit” of kindness! Teachers shared their Bitmojis which are put on the Bulletin Board by Office B. In addition there are random ones posted throughout the building and a link to a QR code for students to submit guesses on who’s Bitmoji it is. Prizes will be given out to who guesses correctly!


      All students have the chance to represent their kindness for others in many activities this week.