Colorado skier dies from asphyxiation by his coat on a chair lift

Colorado skier dies from asphyxiation by his coat on a chair lift

Sadie Cooper , Reporter


On February 13, a 47-year-old man from New Jersey was part of a very serious accident that cost him his life. The man was strangled by his own coat on the ski lift at Vail Mountain. According to the chairlift company, the man’s coat somehow got wrapped around his head and neck in the lift. 

When the man boarded the Skyline Express Lift is when this all started. He was sitting in Chair 32 on the Blue Sky Basin. He then fell through the opening in the seat. He was then caught by his coat which then got wrapped around his head and neck. 

As the investigation went on it was reported that his chair was left in the upright position which caused him to fall through when he sat down. 

The man was killed by positional asphyxia and has been ruled an accident according to Coroner Kara Bettis. 

When the Vail Mountain Ski Patrol responded to the incident they tried to do CPR and other emergency care on-scene before the man was transported to Vail Health, where he was pronounced dead.  

“We take all incidents seriously and are conducting a full investigation,” Vail Mountain said in the statement. “The lift has been thoroughly inspected and is operating normally.” 

The whole Vail Mountain family has spoken out and given their condolences and support to the family and friends of the man who died. 

This incident happened on a very dangerous weekend for the resort with an avalanche buried and killed two men on mono track snow bikes in Eagle County.