Making money off Tick Tock

Angelina Edson

Everybody these days is trying to be famous off of social media. There are so many different social media apps around the world and Tick tock seems to be ranked number one on free mobile app download. 

Tick tock is a video- sharing social network service that allows other people to see different dance moves or funny comedies. You can make money off this app as well, let me tell you how it works. If you have over 250,000 followers or more you can be an influencer. This means certain companies and brands will reach out to you and sell their products to you and then you could very well become a successful brand partnership and earn up to $50k-150k. There is this group of famous ticktockers and they live in a mansion called the Hype house. There are nineteen members in this house but only five live there full time. As influencers brands or companies pay these individuals to create content that includes them. It could be an ad for a commercial or merchandise. They make tons of money off this app, some say they are making more money off social media than they would if they persuaded with their career. May I remind you these members from the house aren’t all adults yet, some of them are still teenagers and there making more money than adults. 

If you want to make money and become tick tock famous here are some tips. Post regularly, this means you are committed and consistent. Share all your videos on other social media this helps expand and get your video out there. Go live at least once a week, this helps people get to know you and your personality. With all this information you should be excited to try and start making money off Tick tock.